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Ennek a Palermóból származó tésztának a formáját az afrikai nők hatalmas kör alakú fülbevalói ihlették.

The name means literally “little rings.” Until at least the 1930s, southern pasta makers produced various forms of anellini, including thick and thin, ridged and smooth, and some of these variations are still sold in the south. Anelloni d’Africa, 14 now quite rare, were probably inspired by the large hoop earrings worn by African women, which must have struck the fancy of Italian soldiers during the African campaigns. In Puglia, anellini are known as cerchionetti, from the earrings called cerchietti a campanella (bell-shaped usually large enough for several portions, but individual sformati (molds) are also made. In general, these are a pasticcio in crosta, with a crust of rustic bread dough made with lard or of classic pâte brisée, often enriched with eggs. The sumptuous stuffing includes pork, vegetables such as peas, sausages, and local cheeses, primarily caciocavallo. In Palermo, until recently, cooks made a large timballo for Ferragosto (Assumption Day, August 15) because it could be prepared in advance and is excellent at room temperature. For a long time, this type of pasta dish was taken to the beach, and around the port of Siracusa, it is called pasta ro bagnu, or “pasta for ibagni.” In this version, it can also be stuffed with fried eggplant and is sometimes made with other types of pasta.

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